Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Indian Pass Raw Bar

Last weekend we took a mini vacation with our good friends Jason and Jennifer. We vacation together quite a bit, usually taking a snowboarding trip in the winter time. They wanted to get away for a few days and do some kayaking and fishing so we jumped on board. We loaded up our bikes, kayaks, and dogs and headed to Cape San Blas, Florida. Kevin and I spent a weekend there last fall and I've been dying to get back ever since. It is beautiful!

We spent one of our days snorkeling in St. Joseph's Bay looking at fish, sand dollars, and scalloping. I was hoping to write a post on sauted bay scallops. Unfortunately, we only collected about ten, not nearly enough to feed four people, so we let them go. We spent our weekend shelling, fishing, kayaking, and playing with all the dogs-they also have two dogs. Josey and Jasper (our dogs) were so happy to have their buddies, Ty and Ruthie, to run and swim with. Jennifer and I joke about the days when we're bringing a car full of kids to the beach instead of a pack of dogs.

When you vacation in Cape San Blas you are not coming for seafood restaurants, shopping, and nightlife but the natural beauty all around you. Nature entertains you. The beach and the ocean is your playground. Sea turtles nest on the beaches; pelicans and other shorebirds soar over the waters; migratory birds stop here in the fall on their southern flight; aligators reside in the interior waters; and the gulf and bay are teaming with fish, scallops, and other sea life.

The Indian Pass Raw Bar is one of the few restaurants in the area. We ate at the restaurant when we were here in the fall, and we were anxious to return and bring friends. Sometimes when you find a hidden gem like this you can't wait to share it with your family and friends, so on Sunday night we headed out to the Indian Pass Raw Bar.

This is the bar and kitchen at the Indian Pass Raw Bar where you can get steamed, baked, or raw oysters. They also have steamed shrimp and crab legs and for the kids there are burgers,hot dogs, and such, but they are definitely known for their oysters. The oysters are shucked right at the bar and placed on a platter where they are covered in butter and parmesan cheese before being baked in the oven. I've only recently begun to eat oysters, and after experiencing the oysyters here I've become a fan. I was craving oysters the moment we came across the bridge into Port St. Joe. Of course, I was so, so disappointed when our waitress said they didn't have oysters. The four of us all live on the Gulf Coast and if we really would have thought about it we would know there are no oysters in July. I don't know why we didn't think of this before. I was crushed.

Jennifer and Jason ordered the steamed shrimp to start, and we all orderd a platter of crab legs. The medium size shrimp were pink and cooked perfectly. The crab legs were divine! Steamed sweet crab meat plunged into clarrified butter. I love butter! Mmm and crab! There is still something not right about ordering crab legs while vacationing in Florida. Oh well! They were still delicious.

One of my favorite things about this place are the coolers on the back wall. It works as an honor bar. You just help yourself to a Heiniken or whatever you want to drink. Quite a nice selection of wine, Beer, soft drinks, waters, etc. At the end of the meal tell the cashier what you ordered and how many beers you had.

Kevin and I will be heading back to the area for a little camping trip with my parents in September when it cools down a bit. We will definitely be going back to the Raw Bar for some baked oysters. I am looking forward to it.

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  1. Kristin, this is a great story. I am looking forward to going to this place. The food sounds incredible, and the area sounds even better. Love the blogs keep them coming.